Progress -- Scarf, Fluff, and Socks
Resolutions and Socks and a Scarf

Gadget Mania!

Lynne just gave me this:

I love it! I can crochet again. That's one more step towards full functionality. This little clamp holds more than crochet hooks, though. It can also hold any size of knitting needles, my glasses when I want to wipe them and Joe is not there, a nail file. Tons of stuff. Thank you Lynn!

She also gave me this:


That, my friends, is a bottle of St. Germain Elderflower liquor under that sweater and hat. You use it to make and Elderflower Martini, along with Absolut Mandairin vodka and some other choice ingredients. It is quite yummy and I won't have more than one.


Sally Gregg

Beth, what a clever little contraption, and such a thougtful gift.

Maybe I could get one, put Kenny's paw in there (my chocolate lab) and then finally get his nails clipped. ;>)


Sally Gregg

Beth, a suggestion for a crochet project, what about that "Knotty Pillow" pattern. Remember the one with faux boix? That could be a fun project to do and the yarn weight called for is either worsted or aran so maybe a bit easier to start with. I think I still have the pattern somewhere. I'll find it,make a copy, and provide it along with the scarf pattern that I still owe you.


Beth Collins

Thanks Sally! You're so helpful :) I started crocheting the leftovers from my ball of blackberry Edna, and I'm having no trouble with it, so the Knotty Pillow should be a piece of cake!


You are so very welcome my dear friend!
Can't wait to cheer in the New Year with you!


Hi! I can't believe it! I found you! I have been thinking about you & it appears you are happily crocheting/knitting! I want to wish you a very Happy New Year! I hope we'll be able to connect when I'm in Maine in the Spring! Something you said at the 2010 knit wknd has stuck w/me & carried me thru a couple projects. Maybe I can tell you about it when I'm in the area!! Take care. xo :)Conny

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