Half of My Edna Order Is Done, and Lacy Scarf
Gadget Mania!

Progress -- Scarf, Fluff, and Socks

I've made progress. I have been working on the lacey scarf, in a rather desultorily fashion:

It's so beautiful. I don't want it to stop! But the yarn will run out, or it will get too long, and then I'll have to stop. It's so pretty.

I have been spinning. Here's the latest bunch of pre-drafted fiber, and one full bobbin and one quarter-full bobbin on the spinning wheel:

Wheel       Fluff

And lastly, I've been making a sock. Casting on and grafting the stitches together at the toe are still pretty shaky, but the sock itself is knit okay. I am using a great jig for holding a needle, which I got from rehab! The husband of my OT is very talented, and someday I hope to be good enough at socks to make a pair for him and his remarkable wife. Right now, of course, not so much, but I will get better. This sock uses size 3 needles and 4 oz. of Done Roving's Fundy Footies in color Hazy Harbor. I plan to make a pair with size 2 needles next -- oh joy! I get to use my sock yarn!!

Wooohooo!     Sock1done
The flat part goes under my left leg and anchors it. As you can see, it is fully adjustable; it moves left and right, there are 6 options for the height, and the tip can move easily 180˚ so I can Kitchener Stitch the toe ... theoretically. I need to work on that. There is a patent pending on it (the needle holder, not the Kitchener Stitch), and hopefully you'll be able to buy one yourself. I was thinking, it would be great for people who have had strokes (it can easily be made for right handed people), but also for anyone. I can go really fast on it! Just as fast as I did before, using two hands. If I can do it one-handed, it would be a piece of double-layer chocolate cake with fluffy white frosting for people with two hands.

You can do anything on it with double pointed needles. Here's what I got for Christmas:

I see a hat and a pair of mittens there....


Nora says:

"All your sweaters are belong to me!"

Silly cat.



What a cool gadget, Beth. Definitely patentable and much needed. Knit on.....


Good for you! You are both inspirational and motivational. :) I'm working on another Bobble Hat, my 4th, I think, with at least 3 more in the plans.

Beth Collins

LOL, I am working on motivation myself! Geez, today I have been all thumbs! God luck with those bobble hats!


Sully feels the same way as Nora. They're even better if they're damp from just being washed.

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