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See the little random number generator over to the right? It's been there for a few days. Anyway, I put it on my blog so it would be handy. I set it for a default minimum of 6, and a maximum of 20, and I'm using it to knit a version of the ribbed scarf, where I knit two & purl two for a number of rows, then hit the random number generator and do purl two, knit two for a number of rows, and so on. It makes knit two, purl too a shade more interesting, but still mindless. I like it.

The scarf I'm working on is good in ribbing, because it's handpainted, and it's mohair :) I won it in a NETA drawing, so it's extra-special! And my sister helped me design it, and that's perfect. Here it is so far:


You too can use a random number generator to make a scarf; use any number for high and low setting you like, or use mine. Mine is from, and you can get one too, it's free. Or use the one on their website. I used 32 stitches and size 9 (5.5 mm) needles, because the mohair is a bulky weight and size 9 is the biggest needles I had that aren't circular. Go nuts :)


Edit: The yarn in question is from Dorchester Farms of Dorchester, MA; it's hand painted brushed mohair, of indeterminate color, gold/burgundy/periwinkle. It has 231 yards in 4.2 ounces.


mary jane

oooh....sounds like mindless fun....

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