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Mystery Sock Knit-Along: The Family Jewels!

The Family Jewels sock KAL (knit-along) started today. It's hosted on Ravelry by Wendy Gaal, the owner of Knitter's Brewing Company . It's a "mystery" knit along, which means you don't get a picture to see what you're making; it's a mystery! The clues are released as bits of the sock pattern. You get a little bit of the pattern at a time.

The first clue was released today. My sister and a friend came over to wind the yarn for me, which was very nice. Nicky was being very helpful, as well as entertained. Clue #1 was the toe of the sock. It's a toe up construction. I was kind of scared about doing a toe up sock. I've done them before, but with only one hand, it's tough. Judy's Magic Cast-On was easy enough, but that first round had me in tears. But then I realized, is it the actual work that I can't do? or is it just that it's frustrating that it's not as easy as it used to be? Stoically I tried again, bound and determined that by God, I would do it if I did nothing else. Surprising what a litle elbow grease will do :)

So now I've completed all 19 rows of the first clue, and am ready for the next clue. Everything else about doing these socks should be pretty easy; it's really nothing more than a bunch of travelling stitches, and they're easy enough to do. 

Piece of cake :)




I am impressed!! I found the toe-up cast on extremely awkward to accomplish.

Kelley Splaine

YES! I looked at the tutorial for the cast on and thought "I don't think so". Your toe looks nice and smooth. I can do this:-) Kelley

Beth Collins

I had a little bit of a hard time doing the cast on, but really it was only because I was just made that I couldn't do it the way I always had. So frustrating! But then I sat down and just did it the way that would work best, and it was all right.

You're right Shelagh, it is awkward!!

And Kelley, it's not as smooth as it appears, but after it's been machine washed a few times, it won't even show!

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