Easterish Socks! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Good Karma Farm

Here's Yer Hat....


.... what's yer hurry?


I had to start it over because the first time, the cast-on was too lumpy-bumpy. However, it took a couple of inches to decide that though. I simply cut the yarn and started again ... and if I don't have enough yarn, I'll unravel it and use it, but I think I have enough yarn.

I haven't started the sock KAL yet, but it's easy enough to knit and I've got time on my hands. I did put the pink and the Easterish color sock yarn on the scrap yarn afghan, and finished the ribbing on the back of the October Frost cardigan. So, I have been busy.

Know to get more coffee and work on the hat :)



wow I've never thought of cutting the yarn and starting over I usually just tink it and rewrap it. I could see how this would save time though.

Beth Collins

It does save time! If you have enough yarn, it's a good way to start over and keep your momentum going. It's always nicer to unravel the yarn if you need it desperately anyway, too.

vibram five fingers

If you have enough yarn, it's a good way to start over

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