Scarf and Hat

Finished Object, and Another Scarf

Finished object:

Summer Mystery Shawl
Summer Mystery Shawl, solved. A quick knit.


Another scarf:

This is special because it is from the first yarn I spun on the first wheel my father in law made me, at Southport. It's the Twilight Scarf from A Fine Fleece. The yarn is heavier and hairier than called for, but I felt like using it. Lace knitting transforms when wet, and I hope it will make this better, but it's a lovely scarf anyway. It shows the pattern, and it is warm.


Kelley Splaine

I wondered if you'd do the summer mystery shawl. It looks beautiful. What yarn did you use. Kelley

Beth Collins

I used 2 skeins of Wildfoote :)

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