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Nest of Yarn

The Silk Rhapsody that I got at TNNA in 2006 is making a nice little nest of yarn as I work through it:


My scarf will be done soon. This is how far I've gone after just 4 hours of working (not all at once, I am not that addicted):


I don't think I've got more than two hours to go. This silk/mohair makes a lovely feeling scarf. It's got enough weight to lie flat without blocking, yet its loose-knit is very drapey ... it just feels very luxurious. The mohair strand makes it "alive" somehow, gives it some energy. I like it. It's a fun little knit, and I can really enjoy it and appreciate its beauty, which I couldn't in 2006. Back then, it was just a yarn we didn't sell, probably too expensive for most people, and I stuck it in a bin and wrote it off. I'm so glad I found you now, little scarf!

As I knit along, I think about other yarns that would be good in modular knitting like this Multidirectional Scarf (here is a link to a free version by Kate Baumer), or the Pioneer Scarf I made back in December, or a bunch of others I have seen on Ravelry .... What about laceweight mohair? Worsted weight silk? Handpainted merino? So many fibers.....

Another FO

Somewhere around the time of the Great Dog Invasion, I knit and finished a little scarf, but I forgot to mention it here, and my camera was broken anyway. I'm using my husband's camera, which is set up bass-ackwards for left handers, especially those with only one hand, thus the shaky and poorly-composited picture:


It is knit of Good Karma Farms 60/40 blend in a dark-purplish blue with bits of green, very pretty. I knit the "198 Yards of Heaven" by Christy Verity, a quick knit. This pretty little lace scarf is worn around the neck to keep the chill out. It's a nice use for aran weight yarn.

FO and Green Scarves

I finished my turquoise and purple socks last night. Here is a picture of them yesterday morning:


I just have to weave in the ends and block them. 

I found an old project in my bins; it's the Multidirectional Scarf. This was a class I took once at TNNA from Iris Schreier. It was really about how to teach classes effectively, and the scarf was an added bonus. I knit just shy of three triangles and stopped. Forever.


Five years later, I found the scarf and I'm starting to knit it again :) It's a very easy pattern. Usually you see this with leftover sock yarn, and I've seen some very pretty ones. This yarn is a ply of silk and a ply of mohair, run together, hand dyed from Artyarns, and it's on size 8 needles. I think it's Silk Rhapsody yarn but as there was no tag, I'm not sure; it's looks like it from the picture on Ravelry, though. It is hand dyed a very pale green with pearl.

My other green scarf is one that I have been wanting to make since I saw the yarn. It is knit from Edna (of course) and I love the color -- it's a really pretty spring leaf green that I got the day Pam and I went to Good Karma Farm. I'm going to make the Road Not Taken scarf from A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd. You must think it's the only book I've got, hehe. But it's such a wonderful book, and I love it. A few days ago I couldn't hold myself back anymore and I cast on the stitches and knit 4 rows:


It's a beginning.

This will be good. I've got one scarf that is interesting to knit, keeping track of my rows, in a nice lace pattern; and one scarf that is easy to knit, just garter stitch, but it's interesting. It's the best of two worlds. And they are both green :)

Ah, City Life....

Our neighbor's dog, Spike, got out. Spike is a black and white Brittany spaniel (but with that feathery tail, he could be part golden retriever, I'm going on looks alone here) and he's friendly as all get out. He does, however, love to chase cats!

My cats are terrified of him; the two he lives with seem to tolerate him pretty well, but the three *I* live with resort to pure gibberish when he is let loose, which thankfully is not often.

Today he got out and made a beeline for our house. Nora came inside and fled upstairs ... smart girl! Nicky and Grace were on the back deck, and instead of coming inside like sensible kitties, they ran. Nick scampered up the nearest tree, and Grace the Terrified of Dogs ran under the shed, and Spike followed her.

Did I mention kids? One or two kids, the cats can handle. Today the neighbors had friends over. Spike's flight under the shed, where he was now barking loudly, was quickly followed by four kids trying in vain to get him out. Then two men (did I mention Grace doesn't like men?) came over and successfully got Spike to come out via the use of Beggin' Strips, God's relief to cats everywhere. And then they all trotted off after brief introductions and my assurances that it was quite alright, Grace was fine.

Well. Nora came down right away and ran outside to see what happened. After awhile Grace came out from under the shed, quite alright, but very dirty and leaf'covered. I gave her some cream and she gobbled it up, so I figured she was okay. She stayed in, with Nora sniffing her all over. 

Grace couldn't take anymore and went upstairs to get over it in a closet somewhere, or the washing machine. Nicky, after he came down from the tree, came to sit on my computer and be petted and be told what a brave kitty he is; now he's in the living room in the window, watching, not going outside. Nora is running around outside somewhere and soon she'll be up on her perch on the porch, which is where she was when this whole thing started.

My Sock Is Humming Along...

... a little out of tune, what with the camera being broken and relying on the camera in my phone. Oh well, at least it takes something resembling pictures. Actually I have turned the heel and I'm starting down the foot.

I put Nicky on my computer desktop:


That picture was taken after his last vet visit, but before my stroke. He died in that vet visit, I kid you not; but where better place to have your heart stop than in the arms of a vet?? He's a good boy :)

Speaking of which (my stroke), my PT came by today and I walked 1000 feet, 300 of which were downhill -- very scary, followed by the same 300 uphill -- very tiring. The rest were level. Level is good.

Wave Hat Is Done

I think this hat looks like waves or ripples in the water :)

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 1.01.58 PM

Wave Hat

Materials: 200 yds. Good Karma Farms 60/40 merino/alpaca blend, or worsted weight wool

Size 6 needles -- 16” circular and double pointed

Tapestry needle

Using long-tail cast on, cast on 106 sts. Join, being careful not to twist sts. (Purl 1 round, knit 1 round) 3 times, increasing 20 sts in last round (126 sts).

Note: I like a loose brim on hats because it is easier to put them on and take them off one- handed; if you want a tighter brim, use a needle one or two sizes smaller, and switch back to larger needles for the Wave Stitch.

Work the 8 rows of the Wave Stitch 5 times, as follows:

Rnd 1: Knit

Rnd 2: (K 2, C2B) around

Rnds 3 - 5: Knit

Rnd 6: (C2F, K 2) around

Rnds 7 & 8: Knit

Repeat these 8 rounds for pattern; end having just finished round 8. You may increase or decrease the height of the hat if you work the Wave Stitch pattern more or less than 5 times; just make sure you end having just completed Round 8.

Decrease for top (change to double pointed needles when necessary):

Rnd 1: (K 4, K2tog) around

Rnd 2: (K 1, C2B) around

Rnds 3 & 4: Knit

Rnd 5: (K 3, K2tog) around

Rnd 6: C2F around

Rnds 7 & 8: Knit

Rnd 9: (K 2, K2tog) around

Rnd 10: C2B1 around

Rnds 11 & 12: Knit

Rnd 13: (K 1, K2tog) around

Rnd 14: LT around

Rnds 15 & 16: Knit

Rnds 17, & 18: K2tog around.

Break yarn, thread through the sts and pull tight, and weave in ends.


K knit

K2tog Knit two together

Sts Stitches

Rnd(s) Round(s)

C2B Slip 2 sts and hold them in back of work; knit 2; knit the two sts from cable needle

C2F Slip 2 sts and hold them in front of work; knit 2; knit the two sts from cable needle

C2B1 Slip 2 sts and hold them in back of work; knit 1; knit the two sts from cable needle

LT Insert the right needle into the second st on the left hand needle in the back and knit it but do not take it off; knit the first st on the left hand needle like normal; slip both sts off the needle (Left Twist made)


Scarf and Hat

I finished my scarf; it's blocking now. I used my own handspun and it is the Twilight scarf from A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd.

Scarf       Scarf2

I started a hat. I'm using one of Pam's Christmas presents, a skein of Good Karma Farm's 60/40 wool and alpaca blend and a pattern that I made up. If it turns out well, I'll put the pattern here.

Wave Hat

Nicky won't be helping me block anymore. He went out Thursday night and never came back. I miss him.