Nicky's back!!!
Ah, City Life....

My Sock Is Humming Along...

... a little out of tune, what with the camera being broken and relying on the camera in my phone. Oh well, at least it takes something resembling pictures. Actually I have turned the heel and I'm starting down the foot.

I put Nicky on my computer desktop:


That picture was taken after his last vet visit, but before my stroke. He died in that vet visit, I kid you not; but where better place to have your heart stop than in the arms of a vet?? He's a good boy :)

Speaking of which (my stroke), my PT came by today and I walked 1000 feet, 300 of which were downhill -- very scary, followed by the same 300 uphill -- very tiring. The rest were level. Level is good.


Kelley Splaine

Yeah! You're blogging. The blogless are glad:-) I'm sending you a bit of strength and determination in this note as you take on walking a bit further each day. I'm manufacturing both (strength and determination) so I can keep up with my teenagers! The supply is good today:-) Happy knitting and please keep blogging. Kelley

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