FO Pics and The Other Green Scarf and EntreKnits, Oh My!
The Road Comes to an End


There's a new project that I'm gonna work on; it's the Camp Loopy Project Three (I didn't do all three projects, and I'm not using The Loopy Ewe yarn). I read about it on Wendy's blog. Basically, it's knit or crochet anything with at least 800 yards of any kind of yarn, and do it in a month. I happen to have this bagful of pretty rust-colored laceweight Jamieson & Smith 2-ply yarn, and I thought I'd make the Juno Regina Stole and Wrap. To knit it in a month, I'd have to work pretty steady on it, but it's certainly do-able. Seems easy, really, since I have nothing else to do.

But wait ... I just found out that Wendy Gaal (of Knitter's Brewing Company) is designing the next KAL, a shawlette -- and it's gorgeous, of course. I must knit it. Will the design be done in the middle of the Loopy Ewe project? Will schedules conflict?? And what about my laceweight fingerless gloves I have to knit! Stay tuned to find out!

The Loopy Ewe project starts in about a week, enough time to finish and block my Road Not Taken scarf. It's so pretty I want to hug it forever. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to pet it. As you can tell, I love the yarn and the pattern a lot; it's the perfect combination. Besides, any pattern named for a Robert Frost poem is cool. Here is a picture:


See the markers? The orange marker is where I started yesterday. Every day I move the marker just underneath my needle, so I can see how far I've knit today. (I haven't worked on it yet today.) It's good to play these little mind games, no? The green marker cleverly is positioned half way through the total length of the scarf, so all I have to do is fold it in half, and if the marker falls on the fold, it's done. Much better than measuring, I think. But I might just make it a little longer, because it's so much fun to knit :)


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