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Shiny Things

I recently had a visit from my friend Barb (hi!), and we were sharing what we had knit and what we are gonna knit, and she pulls out this roll of plain gray tape it looked like, and asked, "What can I do with this?"

Seems her daughter in law heard about it and asked her to make it into a scarf. I told her some ideas and she's going to try a bunch of them and end up with something truly spectacular. (I know you will Barb, you always do!)

Then she sent me a link to the website. It's called Retroglo and it's from 3M, maker of all things cool. Like sticky notes, who knew something so simple would be so indispensble. Retroglo is sold by the yard, so it is used sparingly, but hey. It glows white when reflected, people! It's awesome! 3M has found a way to place thousands of glass beads per square inch on this yarn, and it reflects like mad. Think of safety wear, you could make joggers or people working in outside in the dark really happy with a hat or mittens or a scarf with a simple stripe of this stuff. You could make a daytime sweater into a glam sweater with this. The possibilities are endless! Forget lamé baby, you'll stop the show with a sweater made with a little of this.

OK. That's enough. I get so excited by shiny things :)


Purple Fleece

Shiny does my heart good...

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