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Progress so far on my Indigo Waves scarf:


I wish we had a "Touch" button so people could feel what 100% silk feels like.

My progress so far on the Juno Regina stole:


It doesn't look like much, and it doesn't feel good compared to the silk scarf, but it will be beautiful and feel lovely when it is blocked.

I just figured out why this Juno Regina project makes me happy :) Look at this:


The colors remind me of my last spinning project:


Those were the days; I loved to spin a lot, and I miss it terribly. But this orange yarn and hot pink needles make me feel better. Hot pink and orange, gotta love 'em :)


Kelley Splaine

Pretty:-) I'm imagining the silk! I don't think I've even knit with 100% silk. Is it slippery? The hot pink signatures are a thing of serious envy. Kelley

Beth Collins

Yeah, it's slippery, but it's worth it :)

I love that Signature needles color code their needles, I bet it's even more helpful with circulars.

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