Knitting Quickly Now

Retro Glo Scarf

It glows! I'm very excited to share this with you. Barb did a tremendous job knitting it. She very nicely shared here photos with me and said it was ok to post them on my blog! You go Barb!


This is a photo with the Flash Off the camera........


This is a photo with the Flash On..........WOW!


Close up photo of flash on camera


Close-up photo of scarf (no flash on camera) ....... I did just garter stitch using Blueberry Farm alpaca silk, Retro Glo tape (knit alone), and Berroco Lustra (silver colored yarn). The reflective tape does its own thing. It is slippery. so that when I knotted it, I put a clear washable fabric glue on the knots. To look at the scarf, it is rather ordinary. When light hits it, the magic appears!


I love how the tape knitted up. You know how I love shiny things! Good job Barb! 


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