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The Importance of Getting Gauge

After Christmas

I got my socks done, three pairs of them in fact: the navy blue ones, a taupe pair, and a greyish-green variegated pair, all for Men with Large Feet. But ... I forgot to take pictures of them. Oh well. 

Now I am finishing up -- making little catnip mice for my three cats, who are mad because it snowed and was cold, although it's 48˚ today and all the snow has melted. I am trying to get all the sock yarn scraps made into an increasingly large afgan. And then there's the laceweight mohair scarf that I knit on a little bit here and there. 

I was surprised (and pleased) when my husband came downstairs with some yarn in hand and asked if I could make a vest out of it. You could have bowled me over. I said yes, yes I could, ummmm ... is there enough yarn to do it?

He replied that there were 5 skeins, just enough for a lovely light weight vest.

Wow. He knew how much yarn it would take, too. 


I got some new knitting books for Christmas! One is Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures with Judy's Magic Cast-On by Judy Becker. This beautifully photographed book (photography by Vivian Aubrey) has a lot more than socks in it, which is what I have used Judy's Magic Cast-On to make. She also ventures out from "Port JMCO" to investigate other types of cast-ons and their uses. I am planning to try out what things I can. But right now it hurts my brain, hehehe.

The second book is Ultimate Mittens: 28 Classic Patterns to Keep You Warm by Robin Hansen. I remember when Fox & Geese & Fences came out; I was just getting into two-color knitting, and Elizabeth Zimmerman, and I was agog at the wonderful world of knitting that lay before me. I must have knit most of her mittens and hats! Just talking about them makes my fingers itch to knit them again. Robin Hansen's new mitten book has the same effect on me now as Fox & Geese did back then. I am amazed at how many ways to knit a warm, soft, and stylish mittens there are ... and then throw in your own color combinations, and it becomes a bit overwhelming! But in a good way.

My goal for 2012 is to knit with two colors again. I miss it. I think I can do it, maybe not with the joy I did it with two hands ... but I am going to try. And I am going to try to knit a sweater too, and sew it up (I might need help with that!) So much to work on ... luckily I have all the time in the world.


Sally G

There was a segment on Robin Hansen and her new mitten book last week on the TV show "207". Looks like it would be great fun to knit from. Of course, I still haven't knit anything from Fox and Geese & Fences and some of the catrillion other books I have! :)

And good for you for giving 2-color knitting a go.

Cheers for the new year!


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