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Gansey Show on BBC Radio

There's a great show on BBC radio documenting a project to preserve the knitting history of the Moray Firth, in north-eastern Scotland, through the gansey. It's very good, worth the listen. The ladies towards the end are quite chatty, reminding me of any knitting group. I wonder if they add anything to their tea?? hehe. The radio show is 25 minutes long.

My vest is coming along nicely:


I've got the back and one-half the front done. Here's a close-up of the front:


Should be done in just a little while. Then come the deep breaths to get me through finishing. It's been since before my stroke that I created a seam, but as Doctor Who says, "I'm full of ideas!" I just hope it looks good when it's done. 



We are deep breathing with you, Beth. You CAN do it!!

mary jane

I love you Beth!


I'm sure you will do just great Beth.

Beth Collins

I love you too! And I love your book!

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