Happy New Year!
Stuck on Mitts


My friend Mary Jane just put a great pattern on her blog. It's Mucklemitts, and she used Motif #172 from her fabulous book, 200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitter's Directory. It's a great pattern, it'll bust your stash, and I'm gonna knit a pair! I have ordered Mary Jane's book too; I can't wait to get it. The MucklestoneMitts pattern is a good illustration of what  to do with her book -- use it!

MuckleMittsPhoto from http://maryjanemucklestone.com

The vest is coming along well; I've indented the armholes and I have about 6" done on the upper part. That leaves 6 1/2" to go. Then I've got the front and the neckband and armbands to do .... and then sewing it together. Should be fun.


The catnip mice I knit for Nick, Nora and Grace turned out great. This picture is them before they were set loose among the cats:


The have been well played with. I love how my cats love their toys :)




I love the catnip mice! They are so cute--needless to say, the cats are happy/proud to be part of a knitter's household!
Conny in NE

Beth Collins

Thanks Conny!

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