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Some Knitters Walk into a Bar ...

I just got a fabulous new book: Pints & Purls: Portable Projects for the Social Knitter, by Karida Collins and Libby Bruce. I got the Kindle edition, so I can read it on my Mac. 

This book is perfect for going out to the bar and taking your knitting with you. I have done that a lot of times, so I know and recognize much of what Pints & Purls says to be true. It's so much fun to go out to a bar and have drinks -- or no drinks, if you're the designated driver! -- and this book will help you. 

In "What Is Social Knitting?" is a very funny, yet very acurate, description of a knitting-friendly bar, with helpful tips on lighting, timing, the crowd, the volume, and "Beware of the Singles Bar!!", unless you are looking for that sort of thing. In the words of Libby, "Essentially, you’re looking for your personal Cheers."

They've got "Drink Ratings" for the projects, from "Designated Driver" (the most fiddly and complicated) to the 4-drinks projects (Way Easy), with three steps in between. Their patterns blend a little fun in too, especially for the Designated Driver, in the Gusset part of the Fox in Sox pattern: "At this point, the drunks are asking you to drive them home. Tell them you’ve reached a critical point in the creation of your sock, and pass them the mixed nuts on the bar. They can probably use the salt."

The patterns are wonderful. There are 28 projects in the book. I really want to make the Linden Wrap/Shawl, and the Weaving Way socks, all the felted bags (But I may have to have a few extra seams, since I can't use circular needles; the same goes for the very lovely sweaters, too), a wine cozy in Hogwarts colors, right down to the very easy K.I.S.S. Cowl and Legwarmers. And who doesn't want a felted Six-Pack Carrier?? 

Throughout the book are little helpful hints about treating stains (caused by spillage; excellent information about doing knitting triage in a bar), having a night in where you have pints & purls at home (complete with a drink recipe and a dip recipe!!) or having a tasting party with yarn, wine, and chocolate, adventures in felting and why it is good for you, and a lot more others. This book makes very entertaining reading, as well as knitting! Well ... for knitters, anyway.

The photography is also very entertaining! I especially like the one for the Tie-One-On Scarf. Very cool shot of using beer cans to curl your hair. 

Anyway, I like this book, and I haven't really heard of it. It came out January 2012, so it's pretty recent. It is featured in Lime and Violet's podcast apparently, but I don't listen to it, so there ya go. I really like that it's a Kindle book too, so if a person wanted to, they could take the book with them to the bar on their iPod or iPhone or Kindle or whatever, makes it trés portable. 

Now I'm off to go knit on my knitting :) I'd rather be knitting in a bar! And hey, there's no way I can be the designated driver anymore, so hmmm ... I like it!


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