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Bosnian Crochet

I've been reading about Bosnian crochet. It started with reading Sapphire and Purls blog, and she mentioned the new Piecework magazine, which has Bosnian crochet in it. Like a magpie finding a shiny, new thing I pounced on it, because I had never heard of it before.

Basically, it is crochet done with slip stitches only. I have used slip stitches in crocheting, to join work into a round, and to get from point A to point B, but never to make the fabric. There is a surprisingly large amount of things you can do with a simple slip stitch! Besides going in the front or the back loops of the stitch, you  can also make colored pattens, carrying the yarns along the back of the fabric, as in knitting. Since you are creating a binary language of sorts with the front vs. back loops of the stitch, the world is before you as far as stitch patterns go. 

Slip stitch patterns create a very thick fabric, making it wonderful for mittens and hats. The hat patterns I've seen have a sunflower kind of effect at the top, very pretty. 

There is a Ravelry group: Slip Stitch Crochet. There is a web site devoted to slip stitch crochet. Vashti Braha has a page about slip stich, or Bosnian, crochet. Slip stitch crochet is possibly the oldest form of crochet. I liked this article in Crochet Insider that is about slip stitch crochet to make "jourabs" or "Chorabs", Turkish socks. It's neat the way Larisa Vilensky shows how making socks was a way of using leftovers from carpet making to make socks. 

I've got a new toy to play with, in my mind anyway. But first, the Itchy-Scratchy sweater and the Man Socks are calling my name!

Bos6-m    Bos8-m    Bos4-m
(photos from Sylvia Cosh :: James Walters :: Crochet - Bosnian Crochet)



I would think using just a slip stitch it would take a long time to make a fabric. However the patterns above are really neat.

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