The Shape of Things

Knitting on Empty

Maldiva glared at the empty glass on the table, and kept knitting. Her hands would hurt tomorrow, but she'd finish this shawl if it killed her. The edging was flying off her needles so fast you could barely see her hands move. She wished she had some Scotch. Better yet, she wished she had a great big chocolate milkshake, or one of those iced things from Dunkin' Donuts. She knit another few stitches and dreamed about it.

The knocking on the door roused her from her choclatey-icy goodness, making her scowl, but she kept on knitting. They'll likely just go away if I am really quiet, she thought. Then she saw some eyes peering in through the window, and finding life, they quickly resumed knocking.

"Maldiva! I know you're in there! Let me in!" Rosie's voice came through the door like a battering ram, making Maldiva flinch. Getting up, she threw open the door and Rosie impatiently brushed past her and flopped on the couch. Maldiva went back to her chair, scooped up her knitting, and resumed knitting.

"Maldiva. They've done it. The harpies have finished Torchon! In two days!!"

Maldiva's hands hesitated, but kept on knitting. "I knew they would. It was just a matter of time," she replied.

For a few minutes, there was only the sound of clicking needles in her hands, the rhythmic sound that was regular and had a certain beat to it. Then Maldiva put her knitting down with a scowl, and said, "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Rosie asked, breathless, but her eyes were shining. Maldiva was going to make lace-knitting history.

"To the yarn store. One of you girls is going to be a hero, and I'm going to coach you. Now come on!"


(photo credit: Raising Homemakers)


Hehe. I'm so bored. Anyone want to finish this story for me? Or at least the next installment? 

Beth picks up her knitting and smiles.


Kelley Splaine

WHAT! Not funny. I need to know what happens next. PLEASE:-) Kelley

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