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I made two mice this week, to make up for not making any last week. Here are Mouses 17 and 18:

Mouses 17 & 18

I didn't work on my Itchy Scratchy sweater this week at all, because I've been obsessed with my Crosswired Socks:

Xwired    Heel

These are so much fun to knit: it's like eating popcorn. I can't put them down! But I have to be mindful of not knitting too much, or the carpal monster will get me. 

I like how there's a different pattern on the back of the leg than on the front. While I was knitting, I dreamed of making a hat with the new colors of Good Karma Farm yarn -- Hibiscus and New Mowed Lawn (I'm going from memory here). 

And, as promised, I have been spinning a little bit every day:


My spinning has improved, but it still needs work. This is superwash merino that Tracy dyed. She gave it to me with the promise that I would spin it and knit with it someday. Little did she know that I would have a stroke! So here is my promise in the keeping, I'm spinning it, Tracy!

I divided the fluff in half before starting, and the first half is just about done. It will take me about a week to spin the other half, and then I'll ply it and set the twist. I never really know what I will make with the yarn until I end up with it. I intended to make socks, and I still may, but ya never know. They yarn may surprise me. I think it's still a little thick for sock yarn, but we will see. 


My lilac bush has sprouted leaves in earnest now. I love that fresh, green color that signifies the beginning of spring!



I am so glad your spinning. It does a heart some good to see after everything you've been thru. I love your socks the colors are fabulous. I hope you show that lilac in full bloom. I left mine at my other house( i did try to grow one here but the goats ate it).

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