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Bad Weather, Good Weather

It's been a rainy week, really dark and cold and wet, and I am like my cats in the rain -- I am not cheerful. Nick and Nora start getting antsy after about a day of rain. Since we have had a whole week, they have pretty much become comatose. Nicky just sleeps all the time, and he's chosen the couch downstairs to sleep on. Nora goes upstairs and sleeps on my yarn, and gazes out the window, hating life, thinking how it is all Nicky's fault. Grace just sleeps on the floor, but as she always sleeps on the floor all the time, it is no different than any other day for her.

Nora simply cannot stand the sight of Nick when she's been stuck inside because of the weather. She hisses at him if he comes into the same room, and growls menacingly under her breath. Nicky ignores her, he's a happy cat, and he doesn't make a sound ... but sometimes, if he has had enough because it sucks outside and he is meant to be outside all the time, he'll just silently walk up to her while she's eating and nail her. 


Then they make like a beach ball made out of two cats, and roll around on the floor, both spitting and hissing and yowling until someone breaks it up. Grace runs away. Nicky usually goes outside no matter what the weather is, he would rather die than spend another minute inside, and Nora goes out on the porch. They never hurt each other badly, but to hear it, you'd be sure they were. They're just mad. 


The first sunny day they are fine. They don't really cuddle up to each other, but being in the same room doesn't annoy them. A little sunshine is all they needed.

We could learn a lot from cats.



OH I agree a little sunshine felt a bit overdue!!!

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