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Mouse 25 is getting frisky:

Mouse 25

Trying to get into my tea mug. Silly mouse.

This week has been weird. I don't really know exactly what I've done. There've been days with no knitting, but offhand, I can't remember what I did do. One day we went up to Belfast, that was fun. 

Consequently, my progress on the Cardioid Shawl has been slow, but steady.


I'm three rows before starting the border, which is the last section. The rows are now really long, 300 stitches or so, and to knit across one row takes forever, especially if it's a pattern row. Did I mention that counting is not my strong suit anymore? I forget where I am, and I have to go back and recount and recount to get things right. While my hearts are lined up okay, the filler pattern is a little wonky, but maybe it won't show. I'm a little wonky too.

When I finish this, I'm going to knit plain men's socks. It'll be refreshing!



blocking will make wonky go away right? :)

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