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Mouse 26 ...

Mouse 26

... hiding in the begonia. Can you believe it? The year is half gone already.

My Cardioid Shawl is nearly done:

Cardioid almost finshed

Cardioid 2

A close up


A point

When it's blocked of course, it will be much prettier. By cramming it all on straight 14" needles, I can't really tell what it looks like until  I block it. What if, through some strange manipulation of the stitches, it spells out "Horrible Knitter" instead of being a nice, normal lace pattern? You just can't tell.

I do know that I was off a few times on my count and just fudged it; that two other times I dropped some stitches and picked them up -- probably wrong, but they were the right number, and it was better than nothing, which is what I would have if I let it all unravel; and the first time I knit a point, I neglected to pick up the wraps with the stitches which it VERY CLEARLY tells me to do in the pattern, and I didn't go back and do it over because going back, with this very slippery yarn, is pretty much impossible. The yarn is very pretty, though. I will never use it again, but it's very pretty.

I'm not sure how I can block it. That will take some figuring out. It has quite a bit of weirdly-shaped acreage. I could block it on the bed, if no one cares about sleeping there for a night ... we could have an all night party. Or, I could just figure something out. We'll see.


Sarah O.

Your shawl is going to be beautiful! I love Mouse 26! He is so soft and furry looking. Have your kitties gotten to play with anyof the mousies yet?


You know if it spelled "horrible knitter" It would be a miracle like Charlotte's "Some Pig."

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