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My Spinning

I finished my pastel yarn, and plied it. I am pleased with it. It looks just like my pre-stroke yarn does, and I am pretty happy about that!

Pastel yarn

I patted myself on the back for a job well done, and went to have supper. Then, I put it in to soak and set the twist, but imagine my horror when I pulled it out looking sorta pinkish! 

Pinkish pastel yarn

And this had nothing to do with my stroke, honest. Here's the culprit:

The culprit

This is about 4 yards of the red-black yarn plied with the end of the pastel yarn, which I bundled up with the skein of beautiful pastel yarn and forgot about when I put it in to soak. 


Oh well. It will still be pretty socks, but now I have to make them for me instead of being a gift. The good news is that they'll be for me, instead of a gift!! The other good news is that I spun yarn fine enough and consistent enough and with good yardage enough to make a pair of socks (probably on size 2 needles). I was pleased to see that it was excellently balanced before I set the twist, too. So all in all, I count it as a win, despite the intermingling with the red dye in the bath. It's kinda pretty, though. It goes well with the blue and aqua and purple and green.

Except for the mishap of the red yarn, I think the dye job was just beautiful, and I hope I do that again sometime. I thought it was so horrible to start with, all blotchy and with so much white -- it really was just white with a little bit of dye, spaced out over the roving -- but it spun up so pretty, and when I plied it, it was beautiful. I am going to look very differently from now on at the fibers I run into; before, I was pooh-poohing white, spotchy dyes as a bad dye job, but now I see that it can be quite lovely.

My next adventure in spinning is to spin a giant batt of yarn. I got this from Indigo Moon (Mary Lynn Fitzsimmons, if I remember right) before she went out of business, years ago. Good thing batts don't go bad!

Indigo Moon batts

That's half of it; the other half looks the same. I had to figure out how to draft a batt, rather than roving. Roving was pretty simple, but this ... this I had to draft wrong a bunch of times, but then it suddenly clicked, and I started to spin this:

Spun batts      Close up spun batts

Oooohhh, pretty!! I like it! I can't wait for this yarn. But first, I'll be spinning for about a month. It's nice to know that I can spin, anyway!



Accidentally lovely, Beth. I too have been hoarding some Indigo Moon batts. I keep them for drop spindling to make them last longer! If only Mary Lynn would come back to us.........

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