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It's been a week already, time flies so quickly now. I had a little re-direction in the spinning I was doing. Last time we talked about my spinning, I said I was going to ply this finished bobbin with a bobbin of the blue-purple batt:


But before I spun the blue-purple batt, I snuck a peak at the other batt, which I thought was the same thing as what I had just spun. It isn't. It has a little turquoise, a little pink, a little more purple, but it has a lot of black and green in it, and it's much darker:


So I decided to ply the two of them together, and I can ply the two blue-purple ones together. They'll both be beautiful when they are done.

My spinning has really improved. Yesterday when I was spinning, I thought how much my plies are smooth and even ... just like they were before my stroke. My pre-drafting is easier too. I guess I really just had to practice every day to solve my spinning problems (in the background I'm hearing Sharon saying,"Told ya so!').

I think the batts are really easy to pre-draft, once I got the hang of it. The fiber holds together well, so I can pre-draft it quite fine, which makes my spinning finer too. I like it!



Yes, If Sharon doesn't say it I WILL!


I'm so happy you are able to spin the yarn you want!!!! Terrific!!!

Arline Collins

Knew if you believed you could do anything you set your heart to doing. Just took a little time and patience.

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