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My Spinning

Not a lot of progress this week. My spinning time, while daily, has been less than a full hour, but a little spinning every day still keeps the mind sharp and the plies consistent. I finally finished one bobbin:

Bobbin Full

The second bobbin is going more slowly:


There's been too many good movies and shows to watch on tv! The season finales ... gotta watch 'em.

It'll be interesting to see how this yarn looks when I ply it. I used to spin and ply the whole thing in a day or two ... but that would be it for six months. Oddly enough, I'm able to do more spinning now, not less, with only one hand. Being handicapped has it's little privileges, I guess. Anyway, this is looking good so far, and I think the plied yarn will be better than the last batch ... every batch is better, more consistent, finer. 




I tell my students to practice 15 minutes a day. By the looks of it you've accomplished that :)

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