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Shawl of Doom

No, it's not my Cardioid Shawl, that's coming along slowly (takes almost half an hour to knit one row, sooooo many stitches). The Shawl of Doom is a real pattern that was pulled from Ravelry -- lots of controversy why -- but ultimately, a group was formed (I'm in it) and now a bunch of people are knitting the said shawl.

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I guess they added the pattern back in the database about 24 hours ago. Ravelry link is here.

It started out as a joke really, and then the pattern was pulled, so people like me said Censorship! Censorship! and our first response was to take action.

I'm not knitting the shawl of doom myself, though it seems like I have a few times in my life, but I made a "doom" tag on Ravelry and a few things have been tagged with "doom", like the Mouses of Doom, and the Scrap Sock Yarn Afghan of Doom, both named for how long it'll take me to finish them. There's a Shawl of Doom knitalong now; it was even at #1 in Hot Right Now on Ravelry.

What projects would you put the "doom" tag on, and why?



I think the "doom" label probably does a great disservice to both the knitter -- and the project! Must be a more encouraging epithet!


I read the pattern - seems pretty straight forward - sort of like the Tasha Tudor shawl without the edge.. perhaps it's the yarn that makes it "doomable"? --


I've never thought of adding a "doom" tag to anything but maybe a doomsday shawl (just in case) :)

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