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Tour de Fleece

Spinners have taken the famous Tour de France bicycle race and made it their own: Tour de Fleece. I wonder how long before the Société du Tour de France makes them change their name? :::shrug:::

There is a group for Tour De Fleece on Ravelry, and I spin, so I joined. What you do is, spin every day the Tour rides, June 30 through July 22. Days of rest are July 10 and July 17, just like the real tour. Spin something challenging on the challenge day (to be announced). They have a button to show spinning solidarity on your blog, which I have added to mine. And finally, we all wear yellow on July 22 to celebrate our success! There are tons of prizes they are giving away too!

I already spin every day, so this will be easy for me. I might try spinning a little more, maybe an hour in the mornings a few days a week, as well as my usual hour per night. We'll see. I'm going to be spinning my purple batts from Indigo moon; I'll probably finish them before the end, so I'll start spinning my 4 pounds of black fleece. I'd love to get that all spun up, and this will be a good beginning.

This should be fun!!




I can't bear to finish my Indigo Moon.....

Beth Collins

I know the feeling. I will finish mine in a memorable event and knit something fabulous from it.


love the tour de fleece :)

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