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"Für Elise" Fanaticism

A long time ago, in May 2005, I designed a scarf with odd yarn -- I actually told Becky to pick five yarns that she thought looked horrid together -- because I wanted to try out the theory that the ugliest of yarns will look fine if you stripe them in a random order. The experiment worked, and you can read about it here.

While I knit on it, I started to think of other ways you could use stripes, stripes as secret messages, say. Stripes as famous quotes. Stripes as music!!

Music is just a series of math that we can hear. It all depends on math. I began to play with ideas in my head ... first, I needed some sheet music. I searched the internet and found "Für Elise" by Beethoven. Hmmmm. It all started to come together in my mind.

It had to lie flat, and somehow the notes and the rests had to make sense. There were a lot of notes; I counted 15 or so in the first few bars alone. I figured that in Unique One, only Jamieson & Smith would have enough colors to do it. I could knit it in rounds!  All I had to do was figure out how many times I'd have to repeat a round for the smallest duration of a rest or a note to get the right length .... or I could knit 1 round for the shortest note, two rounds for the next-longest note, and so on, and knit until it was long enough ... I could use the same thing in black for the rests, yellow for the sharps ...

That's about when I said, "Stop it, you're a fanatic", and I quit thinking about it. 

But it's still there in my mind.




Even as a music major in college I never thought of doing such a thing! what a great idea!

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