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Frantically Crocheting

I haven't been spinning this week because I'm trying to finish up my Holey Sweater, which will leave me just one project waiting during the Ravellenic games -- my Don't Blink! socks. So, I have been frantically crocheting my sleeves; I have one done and just the top of another one to do:


Today I'll finish the sleeve and work on the collar and buttonbands, and finish them either today or tomorrow. I'll finish sewing it together tomorrow and it wil be done except for the buttons; buttons require a shopping trip and I will do that after the Ravellenic Games. 

That leaves Thursday and most of Friday to get set on my October Frost, which is my WIP Wrestling event. I don't think I'll finish it by the end of the games, but I'll make a big dent in it. I have to get it set in my mind just where in the pattern I left it off, pull out the bag with the knitting in it, make a schedule to knit, and then when the Olympic Opening Ceremonies begin, start knitting! 

I'm so excited!



I can't wait to see your Holey Sweater finished. I'm curious to see what kind of buttons you find to use.


Go Beth! Such a great plan and determined discipline:-) I could use a measure of that these days. Can you send some my way?? Good luck!

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