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It's Raining

It's a steady, solid rain that will water the flowers and make the lawn green. Remember the summer that rained almost every day? I designed a scarf and called it "Rainy Day Scarf" because of that. Man, that was a wet month. Today, however, is supposed to be sunny later. We will see.

I've been thinking about what Sally Melville said in her blog post about negativity. We are perceived to be more negative than positive, because our articulate left brains do a good job about telling us how miserable we are, but our inarticulate right brains -- the optimistic, hopeful, seat of imagination -- is no good at speaking. The left brain speaks; the right brain acts. 

Sally said we should all learn to knit, and make the world a better place. I think she's right. I can create with my knitting, and that feels good. And I think knitting helps everyone feel good!




i couldn't agree more with your friend:)

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