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Knitting Acronyms You've Never Seen (Clean Version)*

1) BBB - Blah Blah Blah - You're not going to read the pattern anyway, especially not that gauge part, so when it's written, it's just as easy to abbreviate it this way.

2) EHP - Extra Hole Part - For lace: "That? Oh. It's an EHP for the thumb."

3) CCT - Creative Cable Twist - For Aran knitting : "Mary's CCT made the back look quite different from the front."

4) OMADWIC - Order Me Another Drink While I'm Counting

5) OMAFDWIFF - Order Me Another Foolish Drink While I'm Frantically Frogging

6) GDS - What some projects are fondly referred to as, when the knitting slows: "Gosh Darned Sock! (Scarf!, Sweater! Shawl!)

7) H(S)WMNRHG - He (She) Who Must Not Receive Handknit Gifts

8) NS - Never-ending Stockinette - for those boring bits that we all knit

9) RIFLIMS - Rolling in the Fiber, Luxuriating in My Stash

10) DUCK - Drives Unperturbed, Constantly Knitting (see also "Flies")

*I leave the explicit version to your imaginations!



Love it! My friend just sent me a list like this on rav but they had some different acronyms I wasn't aware of. Cool Beans!(omg did I just type that)

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