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Unfortunately my mouse has escaped before I could knit him ... perhaps he will bring his twin brother next week :)

My Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl is coming right along:


I'm about 4 rows from the end of part D. There are two more clues, and then it'll be done. I really like it so far, even though my nupps kinda suck. But maybe they will be overshadowed by the charming lace knitting! I think blocking will really help too.  I can push the nupps out when I block them.

I have both fronts done on my Holey Sweater.

Holey Jacket
It's odd that there is no neck shaping on the front pieces, but it's right there in the schematic diagram -- no neckshaping.


Go figure.

I started a new pair of socks:

These are my Don't Blink! socks, from Heatherly Waker's Flesh and Stone pattern. Those little angels are such fun to knit! 

This pair of socks uses a reverse stockinette background with a lace pattern. One thing about all that purling over double-pointed needles is that I get loose stitches between my needles. I noticed it right away:


I didn't take it out, which any conscientious knitter would have done (Hi Kelley!), but I thought about it while I continued to knit. First I thought, this looks terrible, but I really want to make these socks! Then I thought, why is it only showing up on the second row of angels, and not on the first row of angels? Hmmmm.

On the first row of angels, there's a knit one, purl one, knit one section on the first row, and one needle ended after the knit one, purl one, and the next needle started with knit one, then went on to purl five. That's why it didn't show up; the loose stitch got sucked into the knit one, purl one. Aha! 

So I continued the pattern and when I got back to the row of angels with the loose stitch showing, I slid some stitches over to the end of my first needle, putting the break in the middle of another knit one, purl one, knit one, and kept on going. Voilà! No more loose stitches showing!

This little lace pattern is quick to knit, and I seem to go faster because every row is one step closer to finishing an angel. But dang, it's hard not to blink!!



That was by far the scariest Dr. Who episode, imo! and has just been voted such by viewers. Shelagh.


I love your angels.

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