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Mice 30 and 31 make their presence known:

Mice 30 & 31

Mouse 31 is wearing his Spiderman suit. Or his Red Riding suit. Mouse 30 is thrilled because the tan yarn didn't run out when she was being knit.

I finished my Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl, and it's a mystery no more, but I haven't blocked it yet:



I know it's hard to believe, but it'll be pretty when it's blocked, and really, the nupps do show up. My photography is not the best either; my yarn looks dirty, but in reality it's a pretty shade of rusty orange with hand-dyed variations.

I'm trying to get everything done, or nearly done, this week because the Ravellenic Games start next Friday, July 27, and for the duration of the games, I'm only going to work on one project: October Frost. I'm getting excited to do it, and a little scared. I don't expect to finish it all by the end of the games, but I will make a big dent in it, and hopefully finish it off shortly thereafter. So, it would be nice not to have other, unfinished projects lying about.

I'm almost done sock #1 of my Don't Blink! socks:


I have about 3" more to go. I haven't really worked on them that much, maybe a couple days I did a little. I have too many projects!! Making them all progress at the same rate is difficult, but I can't bear to let them hibernate. I really like all of them.

I only worked on my Holey Sweater about an hour last week, but I will try to do more this week. Here's the start of one sleeve:

The sleeves are really easy -- just straight up, no shaping, except for the top. I'm not sure about how that will look, and they didn't photograph the ends of the sleeves, which makes me wonder:


Hmmmmmm. Maybe they were just too long for the model. Maybe they're incredibly ugly. Maybe they made her hands look fat. We will see.




you've gotten a ton of knittng done my 2 dishcloths look so paltry

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