Will This Buttonhole Band Never End?
Ravellenic Games: Day 1

My Knitting and Crochet

Mouse 32 is done:

Mouse 32
Doesn't she look pretty?

I crocheted around my Afghan of Doom with the navy blue yarn left over from my navy socks:


I still have the left over yarn from my Summer Solstice shawl to crochet around it. Speaking of which, I blocked my shawl:

Shawl done

I love this shawl! It's even prettier in person. My hand is a little too shaky to take a good picture. Must be because of all the crocheting I've been doing on my Holey Sweater, which is finally done, the sewing up done, and the ends woven in:

Holey sweater done

I just have to soak it to block the stiff little seams out. And buy buttons. It is done! Yay! It looks really good, too. 

I just have to rest up for the opening ceremonies at 4 p.m. when I can start on this:

October Frost Beginning

So exciting!




What are you going to do with 32 mice? Very curious here.......


You have been so productive these last weeks you put me to shame. I'm a very happy for you and maybe just a wee bit envious that you've been able to get so much done maybe I can forgo feeding the family or something to make more knitting time.

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