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I plied the batts from last week:

Spinning     Spinning 2   Close up

It's hard to get the color to show up right in these pictures. The yarn is much prettier than it looks in these photographs. I need one of those things like the car mirrors have, "Yarn Is Much Prettier Than It Appears", hehehe.

Then I set the twist (washed it without the nasty dye job that inconveniently dyed the last batch pink):

Spinning3     Spinning1

Three days later, it's still drying, still sort of damp. I  hung it out on the porch today, and it's still drying. This wool sure sucked up a lot of water! 

The last half of this batt -- the first half that I spun -- is still a little wonky. However, I love this yarn, love the look of it. It's still not perfect, far from it, but I am getting better. Spinning a batt is harder than spinning roving, it gives me a yarn that's more thick and thin, but that's ok. 

Tour  de Fleece started three days ago, and I started spinning my purple Indigo Moon batts:


That's how far I got in three days, about a total of 2.5 hours of spinning. I'm slowing down a bit. I think I should have done some roving instead of another batt; I'm getting tired of it already. Still, that's what it's all about; this spinning event will push me to complete the purple batt! 

These Indigo Moon batts are all wool I think; they are a little coarse. Lovely, but I wouldn't make socks or a scarf out of them, though I may make a hat or mittens, or boot socks perhaps. I thought they might soften up after washing, but they didn't. They are still really pretty, though.



I give my skeins a whirl in the spin cycle of the washing machine. They dry really fast after that.

Can't have too much blue or purple, Beth. My Indigo Moons are combos of kid mohair, wool & silk. I keep them for high whorling.

Anne Hetherington

The yarn is lovely! If the Indigo Moon is all wool, it will felt. In addition to hat or mittens, maybe something fulled is in their future???


They look lovely. Boot socks or felted something...I think would work for a coarser yarn.


Beth, they look awesome!

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