Knitting an Opera

My Spinning

Ugh, what a week. My spinning is going very slowly. It was really hot for a while, and then this batt is not as easy to spin as the last one, so I don't like it as much. I was disappointed to have my last batt come out so coarse-feeling, and that's another reason why this batt is going slowly; it's because I know it will be coarse, not soft. Thank goodness it's pretty!

Here's my little bit of spinning for the week:


Tour de Fleece is a wash for me this year, as I took three days off from spinning entirely when it was so hot. Next year! Next year I'll have something really easy and soft and nice that I love to spin, I hope!



I ended up helping a friend while her partner was on vacation instead of spinning so it's kind of a wash for me as well.

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