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Ravellenic Games Day 4

Yesterday I finished the back and got the ribbing done for the left front:

OF 4

See that untwisted cable near the bottom on the left? That's my humility cable, and it teaches me to do better. I noticed it wasn't twisted when I picked it up to knit it, and started to take it out, but then thought, hey, it's already there to teach me a lesson, I'll leave it.

It's going along pretty well. People may wonder how I do this with one hand paralyzed; I do it like this:

OF How I Do It
That's my paralyzed hand there, used to prop up the right-hand needle, which I've got jammed down between my legs, holding the base. I knit with the left-hand needle entirely. You can knit with just one needle if the other one is propped so it doesn't move.  I can knit pretty fast this way!



I got almost 4 oz spun last night9 between lace and fingering weight. I am amazed at your productivity.

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