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Sheep Counter

A number of years ago, I made a little sheep counter that I put on my computer desktop, and it was so cool.

Sheep counter image

It advanced when you clicked on it; when you clicked "-1" it went backwards (for frogging), and to start over you simply clicked "RESET". It was a floating window, so it stayed on top of everything. It was an app before there were apps, before even widgets, I think. I thought it was cool. Then I got busy and promptly forgot it. I left a link up for people to download it,  but somewhere along the way the link was lost. 

So, I just started to learn Python (a programming language) all over again and even though my sheep counter was made using RunRev in hypertext, it made me think of it all over again. I'm putting the link over at the list of "Beth's Free Patterns" even though it isn't a pattern, and you can download it if you like.

I'm learning Python at Udacitycom, which has free online courses. Very cool :)

Happy Fourth of July everyone!



You are geek after my own heart I took programming when colbol was still being taught got to about C# before I decided teaching was my thing but I still dabble:)

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