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6 Things I Found on the Internet

1. A knitting grandma who plays World of Warcraft. I hope when I am her age, I can kick ass like that, too! Woot!

2. Arturo Di Modica’s “Charging Bull” sculpture on Wall Street gets a custom crocheted outfit. It's old news, but it's my blog. So there.

3. Maymott crocheted Coral Reef Ottoman. They have several really cool things to see on this site. I wish I had their job.

4. Mad Monkey Knits Stegosaurus Toy (pattern only). This site has tons of very cool knitted things. I especially like the dinosaurs, but there are some awesome hats and baby booties there, too. 

5. I Can Knit Anything's Angry Birds Hat. I just like it.

6. Babble PetsCat in the Hat: the 17 Best Etsy Cat Hats. My favorite is "Rawr", and who doesn't need a fez for their kitty?  But they are all cute. Best quote: "I wish I could get my cats to wear a hat. I would buy all 17 of these hats and pee myself laughing all day. "



I'm so glad I saw a knitting grandma on WOW I don't feel so odd now knititng whilst I play my games :)

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