Designed By Beth: Braided Cable Scarf

My Spinning

I take it all back.

Today I set out with a heavy heart to ply my yarn. I was sure it was uneven, would be underplied, would break constantly, would look absolutely horrible. I hadn't been really happy with it all along, and I thought plying the yarn would be awful.

But that wasn't the case after all! It was inconsistent, parts were laceweight when plied and parts were a strong worsted weight, but there were few breaks, it was spun nicely if a little inconsistently, and when I was done plying it I found I had made some darn nice yarn, and that makes me happy!

On the swift      Bobbin

Bobbin and swift      Close up

The fat kitty was close by with expert advice:

Fat kitty

She's my good luck charm :)




WooT!! You rock. :) And it's very pretty yarn.

shawn finnegan

Hi Beth, Not sure if this is the best way to contact you but it's a start. So wonderful to see you at the wedding! The fiber artist I was briefly telling you about is Sheila Hicks. I have "reopened" my own blog: [email protected] (that may be a "." instead of an "@". Meanwhile, I will try to keep up on yours. Looking forward to continued communication! shawn


Awesome....I'm so glad you had to take back all those self-defeating thoughts.

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