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Pattern Referrals

One of my biggest referring websites is Knitting Pattern Central. They have my Gansey Gloves, Net Shopping Bag, Rainy Day Scarf (also known as the Wavy Scarf), and the Bobble Hat listed in their free pattern directory. I get about 100 hits a day from them.


I wonder how many hits a day I would get if the Penobscot Bay Pullover, the Catnip Mouse, and the Lacy Scarf were on there, too. The Penobscot Bay Pullover was always popular when I had the store. especially since it was great for men and kids. So was the Lacy Scarf, for that matter.


I also get significant numbers from and, for my Net Shopping Bag pattern. Who knew such a little thing would be so popular! has also got the Net Shopping Bag, and there's a link to it on has a link to my Ribbed Leaves Lace Scarf pattern.


I designed nearly all of these patterns for the knitting cruises or the knitting weekends that Unique One used to hold at the Lord Camden Inn. Since my stroke, I have designed only three things. And, I have a few things that I have designed that aren't up anywhere.

How many of my designs have you knit? I'm curious.




You write *great* patterns, Beth! I've made the Gansey gloves, the bobble hat, and the Pen Bay pullover--the pullover I've made at least four times (maybe five) in different sizes, with minor modifications, and at least one partially on my knitting machine. Now that I think about it, I should make it again in Blue Loch for myself!


I've lost count of the Rainy Day scarves I have knit...I love to see them worked up in handspun yarn. I didn't know about the Penobscot Bay pullover until reading it's talking to me. Hmmm...I wonder if my handspun would work!


I have to admit I haven't knit any patterns yet. I have a few grad gifts coming up and I think the rainy day scarf may work well. I also do like the penobscot pullover. I'm suprised ravelry wasn't in the listings.

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