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My Knitting

Sunday I ripped out my Peony baby sweater, deleted  it from Ravelry, and fumed the rest of the day. I didn't knit. I was just about to where I could take the sleeves off on waste yarn, and discovered  that for some stupid reason I had made a hole in the middle of a sleeve, it wasn't even a dropped stitch, it was an actual hole I had created with a yarnover for some stupid reason, and it was about five rows down, and there was no choice but to unravel those five rows. Then I messed everything up badly trying to unravel the five rows, and the whole thing ended up in three little balls again, with me fuming.

Monday I started it over again from scratch, made a new Ravelry entry, and knit along keeping careful track of what my idiot fingers were doing the whole time. This is how far I've got:


There are no mice. Mice have to wait til the baby sweater is done. 

How come I never make mistakes in my mouse knitting?!



I love the new look! Very nice.....


Thank you!

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