My Knitting

In Nova Scotia

Lynne and I are in Nova Scotia! It is so beautiful. I think they make the fall foliage a little brighter up here. 

We are going to a Farmer's Market today, then we're going to Wolfville to Gaspereau Valley Fibers, then I don't what. I might have to buy yarn or something.

Sharon had an interesting problem; anyone know how this was made??

IMG_6682x    IMG_6681x    IMG_6680x

I was thinking it was made with a hand-held loom of some kind, like those little daisy looms from the seventies. It was made by a man on a fishing voyage in the 1920's.



That sounds lovely Beth. Oh, I am a bit jealous, Gaspereau Valley Fibers! I still have my favorite scarf that I made with one of their kits (after tearing up a bit), and I wear it often. I hope you blog about all the loveliness!


wow that is pretty....I would wonder "how they did it" too.

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