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Finding new music you like is really hard. Too bad there's not an app that would pick out music I really like and store it in a music folder to be listened to later. (The same thing applies for new books I would like to read, but that's another blog post.)

Usually I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to snippets of Amazon's blues and alternative latest releases, cull out the truly awful, keep the good, then listen to them. That's the first cut. Then, while listening, I make the decision whether to keep it or not (or whether to buy it or not). Luckily, I pay for Spotify so I can just keep my playlists in the mysterious ether and never have to actually buy them, since I kinda actually paid for them, as long as I have Spotify, anyway.

I always worry that I'll miss something, discover the artist when they've gone out of print, just have a song or two to tell me what a sorry dumb-ass I was to miss them. I have some like that, songs that were perfect in the 90's, but I discovered them in 2011 when the band was long since gone, buh-bye, wish I gotten to know ya...oh well.

Anyway. Here are some artists you should listen to if you like blues and alternative like me:

Guy Forsyth, The Freedom to Fall - has a little country slant to it, but I like it. It's blues. Guy has a good voice and the guitar is excellent.


Simon McBride, Crossing the Line - this is more electric blues, with a killer guitar and a great voice. He writes good songs, or someone does (this is what I miss not getting the CD).


The No Refund Band, self-titled album - this is blues, and it's covers, and I think this is the only album they have out, but dang, their cover of Eleanor Rigby is worth it. I know what you're thinking, Eleanor Rigby is not a blues song ... until now.


Master Thieves, Nature of Gravity - this is alternative, with little playful guitar that pulls out riffs that tug at your heart. The lyrics are wonderful. You know when you hear a song and think, man, it's great how they said that? Yeah.


Beth Orton, Sugaring Season - Beth Orton has a new CD out after a long wait. She seems a little sad, not much is upbeat in this album, but her voice is distinctive and good. This album takes some getting used to, and I think I'll like it more after I listen to it a few times. The problem may be more with me than with her, actually.


Micah Brown, The Isle of Her - Micah Brown is the new Jack Johnson in my opinion, but nobody seems to have made that connection but me. He's got a voice like John Mayer, songs like Jack Johnson, plays a good guitar, has a little bit tropical flair like Jimmy Buffet, but he is definitely Micah Brown. I'll listen to this new album a lot.


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