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My Knitting

Mouse 44 is done; shown here on Nicky, who was asleep when I finished it:

Mouse 44

Nice Halloween-y colors, pictured on a black cat. It's that time of year :)

I blocked my gray marl silk-and-wool socks:


A few minutes after taking the picture, Nicky was on them, taking a nap on wet wool being his favoritest thing to do:

Nicky on Socks

Needless to say, the socks dried in half the time with 10+ pounds of hot cat pressing them. Gotta love it.

Now I'm knitting a brown hat using my own pattern:


Hats look pretty funny, until you finish and block them. I'm using some more of that Naturally Aran; it's good, squishy wool with some heft to it, and the hat is going fast. I'm considering knitting hats next year, instead of mice, and selling them, instead of giving them away at Christmas. Or, I could just read more! :)



can't ever have too many hats or knitted mice:)


or cats. (I think I love Nicky!)


Awww, he loves you too! Purr purr purrr purrrr...

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