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It's that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, will be here in seven days. I completed it successfully once, with a story about a suicidal heroine who is haunted by ghosts and finds love (not a ghost; a forest ranger). This year I am fresh out of ideas. My unsuccessful attempts were a murder mystery in a yarn shop, and a fantasy story where every day involved a different room in an old house (I thought that would make the thirty days go by fast), but this year I'm coming up with nothing. I have seven days to  come up with the elusive Something.

Anybody up to NaNoWriMo-ing with me? C'mon ... it'll be fun!




I don't have any ideas and have no wish to join in but I do know others who are participating:)

katie metzroth

Let's go back to the murder mystery in the yarn shop. There's a lot of potential there. mabye one of the knit circle did it and you have to figure out who it was -- should the victim be stabbed with knitting needles or strangled with yarn?
you can flesh out how each memeber of the group had a motive (jealousy of her knitting skill, annoyed by how she talked too much about frogging and never did it, one person stole an item out of her bag and entered it in the state fair, won and didnt want to get caught, one knitter was taking the victims kids meds from her purse to stay up all night knitting, etc.). you've got a few days left! :)


Good ideas!!

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