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Yarn in Nova Scotia

I'm home! Thank you Lynne for being a fantastic person! Thank you Sharon and Richard for being wonderful hosts! I had such a good time :)

I thought you might like to see what I bought for yarn when I was in Nova Scotia. As you know, I like to buy local products when I travel. We went to the Lunenburg Farmer's Market (which is completely wonderful by the way, and it operates year round; they even provide you with live entertainment!) where I bought some hand dyed yarn by Felicia Knock:

Felicia Knock

FK yarn
I love that sheep on her tag! Felicia is a young, full-of-energy fiber artist. She's also friends of Richard and Sharon, which is a big plus, in my book. 

This 4 ounce skein is a 2-ply, made in Canada; Felicia's web site is Most of what she does is rug hooking, and she has fabulous designs as well as kits and supplies. If I hooked rugs, this would be a real find!!

Then I went to Gaspereau Valley Fibres.

Gaspereau Valley Fibres
This is an outstanding yarn and fiber shop. There is so much to see here! It's all arranged very neatly, but with character -- and they had a cat. Brenda Gilmore is the owner and she is a wonderful person, who is also a friend of Sharon's. Sharon knows the best people :) You can go to Gaspereau Valley Fibres online at

I bought a skein of Fleece Artist Goldiehair, which is hand dyed in Nova Scotia:

Fleece Artist label

Fleece Artist Goldiehair

And I bought some stitch markers, which are also hand made in Nova Scotia:

Stitch markers

They're made by Pherem Fibres, which has a lovely Etsy store online.

After that, Sharon got my wheel fixed and I bought some roving, but that will wait until tomorrow!




Great haul from your trip I hope you have wonderful memories as you knit it up.

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