Happy Thanksgiving! Dr. Who Style ...
Things I Used To Do Before NaNoWriMo

My Knitting and Crochet

Are you stuffed after that wonderful dinner? Time to put your feet up and knit! 

Heeeeere's Mouse 48:

Mouse 48

I got my other, bigger square done in the In A Spin crochet-along:

Squares 1 & 2

Today we get another square to make. So exciting!

My Mendocino cardigan is going slowly, due to Thanksgiving, NaNoWriMo, and stuff:

Right Front
I'm only making a size to fit someone two or three years old, and I'm using aran weight yarn; why is it going so slow?? It's coming along, though. It'll speed up after November 30th! 



I think you've been spinning, knitting and crocheting. That might do it:)

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