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    Mice 46 and 47 are here!

Mice 46 & 47

They're so cute!

I finally finished my gray and white marled wool socks:

Gray marl wool socks

They look warm and cosy.

Then it was time to finaly, finally start the Childs Mendocino Cardigan by Alice Starmore. I've been thinking abouth this sweater for months. I chose yarn from my stash to do it in, but I needed to finish a bunch of things first, and yesterday I finally started.

I'm using Fiber Co,'s Organik, which is 70% organic NZ wool, 15% Baby Alpaca, and 15% silk, in the color called Deep Sea Blue. It is a lovely shade of blue, very striking, and the silk in the yarn dresses it up a bit, gives it a sheen, and I think the finished cardigan will move with the wearer in a way that will be fabulous. If we can ever get her to slow down long enough to try it on, that is. It's for a little girl who has the most beautiful blue eyes you ever saw, and this shade of blue will look stunning on her. It's for Christmas, so shhhhhh ....

Here's the start of my gauge swatch:

Gauge swatch started

And here's the start of the right front of the sweater:

Right front begun

Doesn't look like much so far, but it gets better! Actually, it's a pretty easy knit, for an Alice Starmore pattern. 

You may have noticed that I reached the halfway point in my NaNo novel yesterday. I think it's really funny that they call 50,000 words a novel. More like a novella, I think. I've been writing the bare minimum of 1,667 words each day, mostly because I don't really have a story to tell. They call people like me "pantsers", flying by the seat of my pants. I don't know what the heck's going to happen next, so it's always a surprise!



Very productive! 2 mice, a pr of socks and starting a sweater. As I'm still deciding what to do with my color affection.I may be working on it for a while yet.


I bet it will be pretty!

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