Small Things Make Me Curl My Toes and Laugh
Evernote Holiday Craft-along!

Tick Tock, People

It's less than a month to Christmas.

Does that sentence fill you glee or with dread? 

It fills me with glee. My Christmas presents are almost all made, the advent calendars are delivered, the house is decorated (well ... we never take down our Christmas village, hehe, it's up all year), and now I'm just waiting for the Christmas spirit to lay it's eggs on me. Or whatever. I really like Christmas.

We have a slew of Christmas movies to watch, and we'll parse them out over the next month. Christmas music will fill the hours when I am no longer working on NaNoWriMo. Oh yes, and NaNoWriMo will be done, and I will have beaten it into submission. That's the best thing of all!

Christmas Countdown



Hey Beth,
It's Brittany from MCIR! I started loom knitting a couple weeks ago and thought of you :) Just started some simple projects - scarves - for Elijah and Noah. Hope you are doing well and glad I found you on Ravelry! Merry Christmas,


Hi Brittany! That's great that you started loom knitting. I'm glad you found me :) I should come in someday - I have to get Rachel's email address to see if her husband can make more sizes of knitting needle holders.

I'm so happy to see you here!


Christmas fills me with both glee and dread..... Most of the time I love decorating. I have no christmas knitting but I dread the high ticket items my teens are asking for.

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